Health Via the Matrix La Santé Via la Matrice
Health Via the MatrixLa Santé Via la Matrice

Welcome to Viatrexx!

Viatrexx offers a full line of Oral/Topical Metabolic based DRS products, from which over 40 are being compounded for Injectable use. In 2012 York Downs Pharmacy introduced the First Viatrexx based Compounded Injectables.

In Canada, these are the only legally recognized injectables in this product category.

Viatrexx products are designed according to a propietary Dynamic Resonance Scalling{DRS} process. DRS make available potential ingredient action incusively from physiological through emotional. A core concept is to provide all formula ingredients, especially messenger molecules, growth factors & other vital life essence molecules in a form where the body can make the most use of them. The remedies are viwed as "Living" or "DSR" since the body draws the ingredient resonance level of action it needs at the moment, dynamically moving up and down the scale with every application. It is said that True Healing accurs when all levels are cleared, Viatrexx products provide this potential.